Shuttle Tankers

Established in 1930, AS Uglands Rederi has more than 80 years of experience in the tanker trade as owners and operators.

The J.J. Ugland Companies operate a fleet of modern tankers in sizes between 126,000 and 149,000 dwt. Each vessel is equipped with dynamic positioning system, variable pitch propellers and side thrusters, with maneuvering abilities required for offshore loading with a high degree of redundancy. The shuttle tankers have proved reliable, flexible and efficient.

The J.J. Ugland Companies play an important role in the transportation of oil from installations off the East Coast of Canada and offshore Brazil.

The shuttle tanker operation started in the North Sea in 1986. Our Newfoundland-based subsidiary, Canship Ugland Ltd., established in 1995 in cooperation with our Canadian partners, operates the shuttle tankers. 

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