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The pool operating company Ugland Bulk Transport AS (UBULK Pool), operates a fleet of modern supramax dry cargo vessels, in sizes between 52,000 and 58,000 dwt.

Each vessel is fitted with extra self-loading/unloading equipment including grabs. In addition, several of the vessels are equipped for the transportation of logs and timber.

The objectives of the UBULK Pool are to satisfy the customers’ need for a safe, cost-efficient, high quality and environmentally friendly sea transportation and to create new and flexible solutions for the customers. An important factor in the UBULK Pool’s philosopy is to maintain close cooperation with both shippers and receivers of cargo in order to provide the best possible service. As a result, transportation programmes have been developed to fit both the customers’ production schedules and storage capacities.

Forward planning and flexibility provide the customer with a variety of options under both long-term and single voyage contracts. Accordingly, their transportation requirement can be optimized in the most efficient and economical way. The operations side is carefully monitored to ensure that the company’s high standards are adhered to. When required, an experienced Port Captain from Ugland Marine Services AS may attend the vessel during port operations.

A number of the Ugland bulk carriers transit the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden regions. It is Ugland’s policy when entering the defined High Risk Area to have implemented the Best Management Practice 4 as a minimum. In advance of entering the High Risk Area, the risk of being pirated is considered and should armed guards be warranted, these will be provided to the best of Ugland Marine Services' ability. Such provision and operation shall always be in accordance with international and flag/port/coastal state laws.

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