The Companies

The main companies are:

AS Uglands Rederi and Ugland Shipping AS
Shipowning companies. A/S Uglands Rederi was founded in 1930 when J.M. Ugland acquired the first tanker.

Ugland Marine Services AS
Ship management company, in charge of the technical and commercial operation of the supramax bulk carriers, commercial operation of the wholly owned tankers and the technical operation of the barges and the HLV Uglen. The company can also provide services to other owners.

Ugland Bulk Transport AS (UBULK Pool) operating a pool of modern supramax bulk carriers.

Canship Ugland Ltd.
located in St. John's, Newfoundland, is responsible for the crewing and management of the Ugland tankers trading off Canada and Brazil as well as vessels owned by other owners.

Ugland Construction AS, based in Stavanger, is the commercial manager of a fleet of flat top barges and the HLV Uglen.

AS Nymo is a full-service EPC yard with facilities in Grimstad and at Eydehavn near the neighbouring town Arendal.

The J.J. Ugland Companies
Phone: (+47) 37 29 26 00

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