For a number of years JJUC has supported SOS-Children’s Villages on an annual basis. The information below from their homepage speaks for itself and encourages others to consider the same. "In all countries where SOS Children's Villages operates, the aim is to form a national association which is its own legal entity, with its own statutes and Board of Directors. Common for all of them is membership of the international umbrella association and the fact that their Board of Directors work on an honorary basis. Each member association is obliged to comply with the international statute of the organisation. Practices in relation to education, child-care, finance and administration are also common to all member associations. Each national association is registered and organized as a foundation, trust, association, non profit company or society. As a full member of SOS Children's Villages International, they have the right to apply for funding through the umbrella association and request services from the General Secretariat”.

For further information, please visit SOS-Children's Villages homepage.
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PTC-CSJ Foundation
SOS Children
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