For centuries the Ugland family has made their living from farming, forestry and shipbuilding. The famous local shipbuilder Halvor Olsen Ugland built the sailing ship FORTUNA in 1772. This was the start for the Ugland family in shipping.

Shipowner Jørgen H. Ugland sold off his shipping assets during the 1888 market peak. His son, Captain Johan M. Ugland, started the family’s present involvement in shipping when he bought MV MELANIA in 1930 and renamed the vessel SARITA after his wife.
AS Uglands Rederi, established the same year, is still the main shipping company in the present enterprise, The J.J. Ugland Companies (JJUC), named after J.J. Ugland, who joined AS Uglands Rederi in 1947. He was active in the business for more than 60 years and the driving force behind the significant growth of the companies. His grandson, Knut N.T. Ugland, is currently the sole owner of JJUC. 

Industry for JJUC is synonymous with Nymo. The company is situated on the south coast of Norway with headquarters and main fabrication yard in Grimstad, and with additional fabrication facilities in Arendal. Nymo was established in 1946 and was fully acquired by the Ugland family in 1956. Nymo is a cornerstone company in the region with a workforce of more than 300 employees.
Johan Jørgen Ugland (1921-2010)

Historic milestones

1600s - The family settles in the Vikkilen / Ugland area as farmers
1772   - Sailing vessel FORTUNA marks the entry into shipping
1880s - Jørgen H. Ugland sold his fleet during the shipping boom
1930   - AS Uglands Rederi established
1947   - J.J. Ugland joins AS Uglands Rederi
1950-60s - Tankers, ore and bulk carriers
1956   - Nymo yard acquired
1970s - Drilling rig, barges, supply vessels, crane vessels, car carriers
1980s - Shuttle tankers, accommodation rig, bulk carriers
1986   - Ugland Bulk Pool established
1990s - Product tankers
1995   - Canship Ugland established
1997   - MT MATTEA delivered
2000   - MT VINLAND delivered
2001   - Delivery of bulk carriers in cooperation with Mitsubishi Corporation
2006   - AS Nymo's 50th Anniversary
2010   - AS Uglands Rederi's 80th Anniversary
2012  - Bulk carriers, tankers, barges, HLV, PSV
2012  - Ugland Supplier AS established, a JV between Ugland and Sandvik
2012  - PSV EVITA delivered to Ugland Supplier AS
2014  - PSV JUANITA deliered to Ugland Supplier AS
2014  - UM Bulk AS established, a JV between Ugland and Mitsubishi
2015  - MT MATTEA sold to new owners for continued operation
2017  - Delivery of first Ultramax newbuild - MV Olita
2018  - MT VINLAND entered the North Sea

Naming Traditions

In the past, Ugland’s sailing ships were given poetic names like VAAREN (spring) and MORGENGRY (dawn).

SS FORTUNA was built in 1772 and later an accommodation rig was named FORTUNA UGLAND.

Today’s naming tradition was established in 1930 when Captain J.M. Ugland named his first vessel SARITA after his wife Sara. The traditional “-ITA” ending to the names is a reminder of the family’s lengthy stay in South America and is combined with names of family members, such as TAMARITA, LIVANITA, LISITA, EVITA, JORITA and ELLENITA. Spanish names are frequently used such as CARMENCITA, SENORITA and JUANITA.
Captain J.M. Ugland
Sarita Ugland