Ugland Circle of wives

ucw logoUgland Circle of Wives (UCW) is an idealistic association founded in 2008 by wives of the JJUC Philippine officers and crew. Their main purpose is to collect funds locally as well as from our seafarers and use the funds for supporting the less fortunate in the Philippines.
JJUC monitor the activities of the UCW and contribute with additional funding as needed and in agreement with the UCW. JJUC have provided extra funding to the UCW in connection with extraordinary incidents, such as flooding and hurricanes.
After a long period of no or very limited activity due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were glad to see that in October 2023 a new board was elected, and that the UCW was yet again ready to continue their important charity work.
Some of the main activities of the UCW have been to assist neglected elderly and less fortunate children. The UCW has also given assistance in the aftermath of some of the most severe hurricanes affecting the Philippines, and during the Laguna flooding in 2009, where the UCW provided meals especially prepared for the children seeking refuge at the safe shelters provided by the local authorities. JJUC are proud to be associated with the UCW and the work they perform.
UWC's relief work includes:
  • Feeding programme for cancer patients at Bahay Aruga, Malate, Manila
  • Donations to abandoned children at Elsie Gatches, Alabang, Muntinlupa
  • Gift-giving to the elderly, St.Joseph Foundation, Cavite
  • Donations to the Philippine National School for the blind, Pasay City
  • Donation of television sets to Kiloloron Elementary School, Quezon
  • Feeding programme for 250 children, Taguig City
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