A prerequisite for being a Global Compact member is annual public reporting. JJUC has endorsed the Global Reporting Initiative framework to disclose its sustainability performance, and started communicating the results for each calendar year on our website and in our annual report..

juanita hybrid bilde 006 - revidertThe Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a non-profit organisation that promotes economic sustainability. It produces one of the world's most prevalent standards for sustainability reporting — also known as ecological footprint reporting, environmental social governance (ESG) reporting, triple bottom line (TBL) reporting, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting. GRI seeks to make sustainability reporting by all organisations as routine as, and comparable to, financial reporting.

The Global Reporting Initiative provides a sustainability reporting framework which is nationally and internationally recognised, enabling comparability with agreed disclosures and metrics.

The UN Global Compact member is also obliged to report on progress annually and the submitted reports are compiled in the UN Global Compact report available via their home page.