Company Policies

Ugland Marine Services (UMS) focuses on sustainable business development on both a strategic and an operational level.
To ensure sustainability, the Company strives to embrace best management practice related to Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility, in compliance with ISM/ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ISO 45001/UN Global Compacts ten principles.

Safety of our employees as well as other persons involved in our business is the company’s number one priority, and key to success. Therefore, safety is always given first priority, and UMS strives to always improve on areas that affect employee health and safety. UMS will endeavour to prevent all dangerous occurrences, which are liable to cause injury to personnel or damage to the environment or property and ensure that all employees recognise that safety is a joint responsibility. Notwithstanding, UMS shall establish and at all times maintain a high level of emergency preparedness.

UMS integrates Health, Safety and Environment concern in the way business is performed with safety priorities as follows:

- Protect life and health
- Protect the environment
- Protect vessel and cargo

UMS has the firm conviction that accidents can be prevented.

To underline the above and offer more details, reference is made to the Policy Principles.