The Board of Directors


Knut N.T. Ugland

Chairman and Owner
Knut N.T. Ugland, born in 1986, joined the board in 2010. Knut is Mr. J.J. Ugland's grandson and the owner of the company.

Jørgen Lund

Board Member
Jørgen Lund, born in 1953, joined the board in 2006. Mr. Lund has previously worked as a lawyer with Nordisk Defence Club (1980–1986), as a partner with the law firm Lund & Co (1986-1993) and as a partner with the law firm Thommessen (1993-2012), including four years as its Managing Partner.

He has served as a board member of several companies within the shipping and the oil & gas industries. Mr. Lund holds a Master of Law from the University of Oslo (1978) and a Master of International Management from Thunderbird, USA (1979).

Øystein Beisland

Board Member
Øystein Beisland, born in 1963, joined the board in 2024. Øystein is the Chief Executive Officer of the company.